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You Have To See It Through July 15, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan.

Well, the time has flown by. It’s now my last week at school. That said, I took yesterday off, so my last week at school will only consist of four days.

The weekend just gone was the Leavers’ Party in Hagi. Hagi is beautiful, but just so darn difficult to get to. Unless you want to brave the sporadic trains all the way up there, you have to take the bus. I’ve never been a huge fan of coach travel, but the buses that took us to and from Hagi weren’t very well air conditioned, which didn’t help me to like them more. But the party was good fun and, even though it was sad to say goodbye, the general atmosphere of the gathering was one of happiness at having completed quite a mammoth task. Some of those leaving have been here for 3 years and I can’t imagine a) why they stayed that long and b) how they are feeling about returning home to friends who have moved on with their lives and countries that have altered in many ways. I know that returning to England will be kind of hard – having done it once before, but I’ve been away for a year. My friends haven’t moved on that much and, those that have, have been in contact with me anyway, so there shouldn’t be too much to catch up on. People have been talking a lot recently about reverse culture shock. I’m not worried. I suffered it quite badly when I first got here and, even though I didn’t really mention it that much on here, there was a time when I seriosuly considered leaving. Packing up my things and throwing in the towel. This year in Japan has been full of experiences, both good and bad. Am I glad I stayed? Definitely. Had I not stayed, I might never have been to Vietnam, Korea and Malaysia. Had I not stayed, I wouldn’t have got to know the great people that I’ve got to know here. Had I not stayed, I probably wouldn’t have had plans to go to Sydney in 2010. Had I not stayed, I wouldn’t have had the experience of living in a country that is such a contradiction that I fear, were one to live here for a decade or so, one would invariably go insane. I’ve been dumbstruck by Japan’s beauty and the kindness of strangers. I’ve been shocked by the xenophobia and the rudeness of strangers. I’ve loved working with the kids at my schools. I’ve despised working with the kids at my schools.

Am I glad I stayed and saw it through? You betcha.



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