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Loose Ends June 15, 2008

Posted by Mitch in Random.

Today I am 22 and 50 weeks old. In two weeks time, I will be in Tokyo, having visited the Yukio Mishima museum at the foot of Mount Fuji, enjoying my first meal as a 23 year old.

The week that has just gone wasn’t really my best, I’ve got to say. 3 of the lessons I was supposed to give were without a main Japanese teacher, meaning I had no way of communicating with the kids and therefore no real way to get them to do what I wanted. However, my apathy is such that I just let them do whatever they wanted, occasionally getting them to repeat random English words. If my school is going to dump lessons like that on me, I can’t be bothered to waste my time trying to keep a class in order when I can’t understand what the kids are saying and vice versa. Tomorrow is my last day at the ESIDL (the scene of the aforementioned ‘terror lessons’) and I’m pretty certain that it will be my last. As the term ends on 18th July, I’m not sure if I’ll be sent there again, given there’s not that much time left. However, if I am, rest assured that my lessons will be much more inane than normal, the final shreds of any loyalty/enthusiasm for my job absent by that point. I then have two days at Junior High, which will no doubt be spent on Facebook and heatworld.com, whiling away my time until Thursday and Friday, when I’ll be at the elementary school that I do like. The blight of the week to come? That would be next Sunday. For some reason, I have to go into school and I can guarantee that it’ll be for the whole day. It’s a parent’s day, which means the kids will be in lessons and I’ll probably be dragged out as the foreign monkey. That said, no one has told me what will be happening and so far, that means that it’ll be another day spent on the computer without air conditioning or a will to live. I do get Monday off as compensation, but it does little to calm me from having to split open my weekend to go and spend a non-day in the concrete shell that is my base school.

The week following this is slightly better. I have but three days at Junior High, as I’ve taken the Friday off. In fact, I’ve also taken the Monday (30th June) off too, so I have a nice long weekend surrounding my birthday.

I’ve not really got much else to report. I’ve been watching far too many series, but am now able to catch up with them all, what with most of them having finished recently (Desperate Housewives, Nip/Tuck, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Lost, Heroes and the like). This means I’m able to catch up on things like Spooks that I missed since being in Japan. Other than lots of TV watching, my life has been pretty stagnant.

Yesterday, as I lay in bed, first thing in the morning, I heard someone talking outside. For a short, glorious moment, I thought it was someone talking in English, reminiscent of when I would wake up and hear people talking on the street or my mum talking on the phone, when I was in England. It really made me long for the familiarity of being home. I know that when I get back home and the novelty has worn off, I’ll long for my relatively carefree life in Japan, where not much was expected of me and I had a job and therefore money to do stuff. It will also be hard to go back to living with other people, as I’ve quite enjoyed the whole ‘living alone’ thing. But, I’m also excited about what the future holds. I’m actually longing to get a real job, most of my friends having left University and found gainful employment. OK, they may not necessarily be doing what they want to do for the rest of their lives, but just to have a job that they don’t hate strikes me as something brilliant. Most people’s first question when they learn of my imminent return to the UK is “What will you do once you’re back?” This question is starting to grate a little, especially as I have no clue what I will do. I don’t have a plan, nor do I have any aspirations as of yet. It’s kind of scary and I liken it to the reef in Finding Nemo. Nemo and his father live on the reef and at the edge of the reef is a shelf, where the reef stops and the deep ocean begins. Up until now, my life has been happily on the reef. But with my leaving Japan less than 50 days away, I’m fast approaching the drop off point into the abyss. I know that I will get a job, because things tend to fall into place, but it’s just the not knowing that gets to me. I know that I could stay here for another year, but that idea makes me want to cry, so that’s definitely out. I also tell people that I’m sick of living for the weekends as I do here, but what’s to say that when I get a job in England it won’t put me in exactly the same spot as I am right now?

Anyway, these are just a few of the thoughts flying around my head. Those notwithstanding, there are lots of things that I am looking forward to: my trip to Alton Towers, going to the Edinburgh Festival, seeing ‘The Last Five Years’ in October etc. Also, the other day, while bored at the ESIDL, I looked up mobile phones. Phone shopping always excites me and so looking at the funky new models that I can indulge in when I get back really made me long for home. People think of Japan as being a forerunner in technology, but it’s seriously lacking. Most mobile phones here are chunky and simplistic. I despise my phone and it often gets thrown around in my frustration at its general crapness.

But, once again, I find myself waffling. I promise that the next entry I write will be much more interesting!

Till next time!



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