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Feel The Rain Fall June 9, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan.

There is a teacher at my school, let’s call him Thomas. His job is basically to be miserable and grumpy. I wish that I was kidding, but when I was chatting with Martin today, I mentioned that this Thomas seemed perpetually pissed off. Martin looked at me and explained that this was his job and it is, contrary to whatever I or anyone else may say, an integral role in the running of a Japanese High School. The only translation I’ve found for this man is: “The teacher in charge of leading the students”. From this, I’ve ascertained that he is there to show them how to be proper little Japanese people, making sure their bowing is up to standard, that they behave when they’re supposed to and that they can follow the military drills that are somehow part of compulsory education in this country. Earlier on, when we were outside in the baking sun, having just replanted the big concrete flower beds outside the entrance of the school, Thomas threw a total hissy fit because the kids, knackered, sweaty and muddy, didn’t stand up all in time with each other. They then had to practice sitting down on the sand because they apparently weren’t up to scratch on that either. I seriously want to go and tell this guy to take a chill pill, but I’m unable to find a suitable Japanese equivalent…

The weekend that has just passed was spent in Iwakuni. Brooke and I stayed with Matt and Sophie and we ate, drank and played Wii a lot. I got my hair cut and we went out for a meal, before exploring Iwakuni’s nightlife. We met some Marines and asked them if there was anything worthwhile on the outskirts of the base. Apparently not. They said that there was one bar in the centre of town that was worth checking out. So we checked it out. And found that it was closed. We all headed back to Matt and Sophie’s, where we consequently fell asleep. Before midnight. It was dubbed the Best Night Out That Never Was. We all had fun, but didn’t realy do much – it was just a relaxing weekend, all in all.

I’ve just been told that I will be heading back to England sooner than originally anticipated. My supervisor has told me that the chances are, I’ll be flying back on 2nd August. This unfortunately means that I’m going to have to cut my trip with my parents short by one evening so I can be back at my apartment in order to pay the final bills and sort everything out. It’s basically going to be a hectic last couple of weeks. And the thing is, I have most of my weekends from then until now planned, so it’s kind of worrying that there is so little time for me to, once again, pack up my life. And the other reason that it’s so annoying is that it’s not as though I can start packing up too far in advance because I still need everything in my apartment (other than my winter clothes).

On that note, it is definitely getting much hotter here. Luckily my air conditioner is now fixed, but we’re all just waiting for the rainy season to being. After it’s over, it will be much more humid, but I just hope that it’s finished by the time my parents get here. They get in here in about 6 weeks and the rainy season takes about that long to pass and it still hasn’t begun yet. Come on, rain! Isn’t it always the way – when you want it to rain, it never does…

Till next time!



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