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Reviewing The Situation May 28, 2008

Posted by Mitch in Random, Rantings.

I mentioned in my previous entry this week that my employers were reconsidering their contract with the JET Programme and I was told today that I will officially be the last JET Language Teacher in Kuga. As of next year, they’re hiring someone involved with another programme, who will be paid for the amount of time they spend teaching. Even though part of me is reeling from this news, feeling that I might be somehow to blame for their change of heart, it does make more sense when I have plenty of time to perfect my playing technique of certain Internet games, read the newspaper and the BBC news website, catch up celebrity gossip with heatworld.com, write some emails, research my next trip away, send some text messages, listen to some music on my iPod and laze around a bit. If I was only being paid for the time I spent in the classroom I would 1) be a lot more pro-active in searching out teachers and making them take me to their lessons and 2) be a hell of a lot poorer, given that none of my schools seem to want me in too many classes, fearing that they’ll tire me out.

So yeah – I’m the last one. They also dumped a lot of papers on my desk and asked me to write up all my schedules as far back as I could remember. This may sound like a mammoth task but, in a weird foresight moment, I actually made notes of what lessons I was in, almost every week since I got here. The only ones I can’t write up are my elementary schedules as I throw these away after every visit. That said, I can’t be bothered to write up over 40 weeks worth of school timetables. So they can deal with my having written up those since April.

Tomorrow I’m visiting yet another kindergarten. There will be more poking and punching and headbutting, but it’ll be nice to have a bit more of a relaxed day around those kids than with mine. That said, my week so far hasn’t been too bad and I’m surprised at how quickly it’s gone.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend – I’m going to catch up with my laundry, clean my apartment and then sit and do nothing for the rest of the weekend. It’s going to be great!

Some of the teachers and all of the 3rd graders have just come back from a trip to Osaka and Kyoto. Even though they ignored my not-so-subtle hints that I wanted to go, they did bring me back some goodies and one of the kids assures me that he got me a present that he’ll bring to me on Friday.

Anyway, other than that, I have nothing to report. If it’s possible, I think this latest news regarding my job has made me lose the very last shred of enthusiasm I may once have had. I’m also really pleased that I decided not to stay for another year, as I’m pretty sure they would have shared this piece of information with me now anyway and I would therefore have had it hanging over me for another year.

Till next time!



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