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All Through The Night May 26, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan.

Another week starts. I’m back at Junior High School, I’m ill and I’m tired. This weekend was my friend, Steph’s birthday and we celebrated it in Fukuoka with a night out full of Mexican food, drunken Japanese guys and karaoke. The thing that made this event stand out, was the sheer length of the festivities and the lead-up thereof. On Friday, after kindergarten, I left Kuga and travelled to Shimonoseki to stay the night with my friends Anita and Daniel. We ate pizza, watched movies and generally had a good Friday evening in.

We woke up relatively early on Saturday and lazed around, eating pancakes and watching a Margaret Cho DVD. We made a relaxed journey into Fukuoka on the bus, most of which I slept through, knowing that the night ahead would be quite intense.

The group of party-goers met and we all made our way to the restaurant; El Borracho. The food was really nice, but the portion sizes weren’t really sufficient for most of us, so we ended up ordering a lot. Drinks weren’t too cheap either, but seeing as this is my one major weekend away this month (by month I mean 21st May-20th June), I figured I could deal with it. That said, as a group we managed to eat and drink our way through 70,000 yen’s worth of stuff – roughly £350.

We then made our way to the Happy Cock, an infamous International Bar in Fukuoka. It was my first time there and, as much fun as the evening as a whole was, it will also be my last. It was basically a sordid, fetid meat market where, if you weren’t trying to dry hump everything in sight, you were in a minority. We stayed there most of the night, gradually decreasing in size. At one point a small breakaway group of us ventured further afield, but returned to see the rest of the night out there. By this time it was about 4:30am and those who were left traipsed to the karaoke place near the Happy Cock. We sat around and sang for 2 hours, covering such classics as “Your Song” by Elton John, “Rooftops” by the Lostprophets and “Go Go Power Rangers”.

Having sated our signing desires and leaving the karaoke to be greeted with daylight and people beginning to go about their Sunday, I decided that enough was enough and so boarded a train and made my way home. I got back to my house just before 11am. Now, that’s the definition of an all-nighter!

Consequently I’m quite tired, but I napped a bit here and there throughout yesterday. The cold has been coming since Friday, so I figure I’ve probably picked it up from one of my kids – the perils of teaching, I suppose.

This week will mainly be spent at Junior High, with one venture to another kindergarten. Today, I met a new student teacher, Maggie. She’s really short and when I first laid eyes on her, I wondered why one of my students was wearing a suit to school. She’s 21, giggles a lot, but seems to be very genki (enthusiastic and up beat) in class, so it probably makes a refreshing change for the kids, who have got used to me.

I also heard tell that my area won’t be going with the JET Programme again. It’s not been confirmed, but I have a meeting about it later on today. If so, it means that I’m going to have to sell my stuff off to other people who are staying in Japan, lest I bequeath all of the things I can’t take home to a stranger for free.

Till next time!



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