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We Got A Hot Crustacean BBQ May 1, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan.

It really doesn’t seem like almost a whole week since I last inflicted a blog entry on this site – how time flies when you’re doing nothing. That said, I had a great day on Tuesday.

We’re entering the period in Japan called Golden Week. This is when a lot of Bank Holidays are grouped together, providing quite a bit of time off. However, this year (typical! Bloody typical!) they’re not really grouped, which means that this week, we had Tuesday off, but still had to come into school on Wednesday, today and tomorrow. On Tuesday, a big group of English teachers headed down to a spotless beach in Yanai and had a barbecue. We were quite the attraction as we strolled through the small groups of Japanese families picnicking and the like. Luckily, no one had seen fit to claim the big pavilion at the end of the picnic area and so we took over. The grill was set up and we went about cooking the vast quantities of meat we had just purchased. All of a sudden, a group of Japanese people started to wander over towards us, bringing plates of food. As it turned out, they’d been fishing and caught too much, and so were giving it to us. They basically hoisted a huge bag of gutted fish onto us and some sliced squid. All very nice of them. When they brought over a whole squid; beak, shell and tentacles included, some people got a little squeamish. When I mentioned that I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with a whole squid, someone told me that we weren’t supposed to eat it – it was just supposed to sit on our grill and look good. So, nestled amongst our sliced vegetables and breaded chicken sat this squid, occasionally expelling ink and twitching whilst the other food cooked on. Eventually it just got burnt and was left to one side, doomed to the rubbish bin.

The beach itself was very clean, but the sand was full of broken up shells and was therefore quite painful to kneel in. Yes, kneel. I decided that I wanted to dig a hole so deep that if I stood in it, you couldn’t see me. Unfortunately, the beach had other plans. Being a man made beach, one could only dig 3 feet or so down before a layer of concrete was uncovered. The hole did get to waist height, but it fell upsettingly short of the mark. So generally, we just lazed around, tossed a Frisbee to each other and uncovered a nest of things that looked like prawns but jumped – we dubbed them water cockroaches. Then, as the sun began to set over the mountains, we settled down to another barbecue to finish up the stuff we didn’t get round to the first time. All in all, a very relaxing way to spend a day off.

Since then, I’ve been stuck at school doing very little. The only point worth mentioning happened yesterday. After school, I headed down to the supermarket and passed lots of my kids on the way. Some of them walk along with me and ask questions. This one boy, who’s English isn’t brilliant, asked me if I had a girlfriend. After answering him, I asked him and his friend if they did. Whilst he said no, the other looked kind of sheepish, so I focused my attention on him. I discovered that he in fact had 4 “girlfriends”. I told him that in England we would call him a slut and he seemed genuinely shocked. Knowing my luck, that’s a word they know in Japan and I’m going to get in trouble for being mean to one of my students. Oh well…

There’s not much else to report. I have tomorrow off because I’m flying to Seoul until next Tuesday. To be honest, I may have only just got back from one holiday, but I’m really looking forward to getting away again. School is so wearing, just because I don’t have anything to do! But once I come back, it’s almost into the second week of May, meaning that I have but 2 months before the school term ends and I have my freedom back! I’m sure I’ll be sad to leave the kids, but not the job. But anyway – got to ride it out till then.

Till next time!



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