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All The Wasted Time April 25, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Rantings.

Another week is slowly drawing to a close and, aside from discussing suicidal Japanese authors in long, unstructured blog entries, I’ve done very little. Again. I must have mentioned in previous posts that my school have now got themselves in a position where they can’t win – if they ask me to come to classes, I resent it because I want to sit and do nothing, but if they just let me sit and do nothing, I lament that my time is being misused. Either way, teaching doesn’t seem to hold anything for me and, despite being sorely tempted to apply for the job of an ESL teacher in Macedonia after this stint finishes, the fact is, I would only be doing it in order to live and experience life in another country. Doesn’t this all sound familiar? Recall those days about a year ago when I was full of the joys of Spring. However, even then I knew that there was no way on Earth that I was going to Japan to have a good teaching experience. I think I decided in Germany that it wasn’t for me and all consequent teaching jobs have either been for the money or for the experience and have made it clear that my initial judgement in Germany remains correct to this day. It’s not that I loathe my time here and am going to look back on it with anything but the fondest of memories. It’s just I’m now tired of living for two days of the week. I’m not naive enough to think that I’m going to return to England and get the job of my dreams, but it has to happen to some people, right? Surely not everyone in the world can be occupationally miserable? What’s to stop me being one of those people that has a job they love?

I’ve decided to go on a diet. I’ve put on quite a bit of weight since I’ve been here, and as my return date looms round the corner, I feel the need to shed some of the excess baggage I’ve gained whilst here. Everyone seems incredulous that it was possible for me to put on weight whilst in Japan because they’re all skinny. First of all, let me cite once and for all the case of sumo wrestlers. And then, after we discount probably less than 1% of the population, let me also indicate the fact that these people are, on the whole, tiny. When I got to school today and left my shoes at the genkan (the place where one leaves one’s shoes), I happened to place them next to possibly the smallest shoes I have ever seen. And they belonged to a woman. Not a little girl. Not an infant. An actual woman. With roughly size 2 or 3 feet. Most Japanese people I’ve come across have been short and therefore, they tend to eat less. Of course, these are wild generalisations, but in my experience it’s the truth. And also, bear in mind that I only eat Japanese food at school lunches. When I’m at home, I’m hardly about to cook Japanese food, seeing as I have no idea where to start. And so my diet had degenerated into that of an obese man who needs people with brooms to clean under his saggy man breasts. Of course, I’ve not got to the point where I need to be airlifted out of my apartment, but I’m not overly comfortable with how I’ve let myself become. So, enough with the moaning and the unfulfilled promises to myself that “once it gets hot and my appetite decreases it’ll be alright”. I was proactive when I started my final year at uni and was at the gym 5 times a week. So, even though I’m not about to become a gym bunny again (that’s waiting for my return to Old Blighty), I’ve decided that I’m the only person who can take this situation in hand. So, a diet it is. My main meal will be at school (because I can’t really alter what that is because it’s just plonked down in front of me) and I will work out some type of regime around that. Here’s hoping that it works and that I don’t land back at Heathrow in a plane whose wheels splay out at odd angles as we make contact with the ground, due to its heavy load.

In other news, my parents have now booked their tickets over here for a few weeks come July. It’ll be hot and humid, but in order to placate them, we’re all off down to Okinawa to make the most of the beaches. I’m worried about having to be a translator, seeing as my Japanese study has gone seriously by the wayside. As in, I don’t study it at all. Still, I’m sure it’ll be fine and I’m looking forward to showing them how my life has been this year. It may have started out a bit rocky, but since I settled, it’s become so much better here. I constantly tell people that I love Japan, it’s just the job that I don’t like that much. And the fact that I’m illiterate and have very few communication skills here. I just know it’s going to be weird to get back to England and to understand what people are saying. All the time.

Right – I suppose I better sign off and go do something constructive. Like read internet comics all day like I did yesterday…

Till next time!



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