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Move, Move, Move April 14, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General.

Well, I am now officially back at school, having taken just over 2 weeks off. As my dad rightly mentioned, most people are less than ecstatic at the thought of ending their holiday time and heading back to work. But in a job of which you’re not particularly fond, it’s that much harder. This morning was even more difficult. Not only had I had a bit of a tiring weekend (more on this later), but when I got in to school, I found that the entire staff room had been rearranged and I was left deskless. So whilst I stood there, wandering around trying to find the non-existant seating plan so I could ascertain where it was that I’d been seated, my supervisor at the school came over and directed me to where I would be sitting. Now, when you first start talking about things with JET, way back when I was but a fresh-faced enthusiastic beginner, they always tell you that you’ll be seated about as far away from people that matter as possible. This wasn’t true in September. My desk was, in fact, almost the closest you could get to the headteacher and I felt honoured that such a position had been bestowed upon me. Fast forward 8 months and here I am, the closest to the kitchen and the furthest away from the principal. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not like we shared many a story over tea and biscuits, but it’s just I quite liked my former position. It was near the door, so I could escape quickly come home time. It was next to a great English teacher who has no, unfortunately left. It was my desk. Well, it’s still my desk, but it’s now just in a different place. I’m sitting with the 3rd year teachers now, as opposed to the 1st and the closest English teacher to me is a nice man, but kind of shy and retiring, so gone are my random conversations about such things as the Japanese word for sea bream…

I was also worried because my computer was now distanced from its internet cord. Luckily, there was an unused one lying on my desk that I quickly claimed. So, despite throwing me off balance at first, I’ve now dealt with it and am coming to terms with it. I must also add that this diatribe about the moving of my desk must show how little work I have to do.

This weekend saw the Yamaguchi JETs meet up with the Shimane JETs (Shimane is a prefecture to the north-east of mine) in Ato for camping and a piss up in the mountains followed by yabusame in Tsuwano. Camping was pretty fun but I drank way too much. Yabusame was kind of cool when they actually were doing stuff. It was preceded by lots of speeches (that is, after all, the Japanese way) and ceremony. Then, the first horseman sped past us, firing arrows at wooden targets, hitting them all. Then there was nothing for a good 5 minutes. That was how it proceeded for the rest of the display i.e. very slowly. When there was action, it was impressive and exciting. But most of the day was spent bitching about how dull the intervals were and talking German with some exchange students that also happened to be there.

Nursing a hangover, cursing the people who woke me up early and needing some sustenance, we made our way over to the food stalls and got some of the best yaki soba I’ve had. It was a little to salty, but I’ve got to say; I was much more enamoured with this meal in a plastic box, than with yabusame on the whole. Still, I’m glad that I did it.

This week holds little to get excited about. It will just be boring days at work, followed by The West Wing at home. This weekend, a couple of JETs in the area are doing a concert, so I’ll probably trot along to that to show my support. Other than that, nothing. Nada. Nix.

Right, well this has been long enough. I’m off to do very little at school. As usual.

Till next time!



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