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My Junk March 21, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan, Random.

I’ve decided to share with you a list that I’ve been keeping of things that people have looked up through various search engines and stumbled upon my blog. I think you’ll agree that I write about a whole host of weird stuff.

  • gene splicing
  • squirrel testicles in kanji
  • Charlie had a pigeon
  • statue of a minger
  • chav girl
  • Kieran is a chav
  • cute Japanese doctors
  • inventions gone wrong
  • tanuki girl
  • tanuki balls
  • blogspot para baixar big mountain (yeah, I’ve got no clue either)
  • how to dispel chavs from your apartment
  • cute rat
  • people with big teeth
  • why is it not nice to say bad things?
  • do halogen heaters burn a lot of electricity?
  • find teacher in Kikugawa
  • beside you in time
  • gone wrong rat
  • massage parlour Narita
  • really good shark pictures
  • what do Japanese people do for a living?

All in all, quite strange things, I’m sure you’d agree. I don’t know who it says more about, them or me!

I’ve just returned from eating lunch and, having read the board telling me (in Japanese) what we were eating, I was shocked to see that hijiki was on the menu again (cf the last post I wrote). I was even more shocked when confronted with the offending item in a salad that I know I’ve eaten many times before. Therefore, I’m now unsure as to the levels of arsenic in my system…a comforting thought, I’m sure you’d agree.

This weekend sees me play host once more. Phoebe’s dad and brother are over from England to visit and they’re using my place as a base for a couple of nights. A trip to Sanzoku (the restaurant that serves the best chicken and gyoza ever!) and Hiroshima is planned, so it should be quite a fun few days. Then it’s back to school for the last days of the school year, followed by a jaunt to Hong Kong and Malaysia. I found out today that I will need to take some days off because they expect me to come into school and sit through incomprehensible meetings in Japanese as of 3rd April. Luckily, I’ve not taken too many days from my allowance and they don’t make a note of them even if I had. Might just take a whole week off rather that two days so I can recover somewhat before returning to school. Oh, I’ve just thought – I’ll miss the opening ceremony. That would be a dire shame, I’m sure…

Till next time!



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