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What’s The Buzzcut? March 10, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Rantings.

Spring has sprung. At least, I hope to God it has. Too long has it been cold and dreary, requiring several layers of clothes just to stay alive. On Saturday, I was at school for the graduation of my 3rd graders. It took place in the unheated gym where we shivered, froze and tried not to fall asleep, scared that we wouldn’t wake up. All in all, the ceremony was nice and afterwards everyone lined up outside and waved the leavers off.

Today, however, has been the very picture of spring. In fact, it was so warm, I had to take off my jacket and was much more comfortable, wearing one of my summer jackets. There hasn’t been a cloud in the sky and my spirits are high. I’ve taken the bubble-wrap off my windows (it apparently acts as insulation, but I didn’t really notice any difference) and spring-cleaned my house this morning. I had today off in lieu of the fact that I had to spend the vast majority of my Saturday at school doing very little.

Yesterday, I decided to go into Iwakuni and get a hair cut. I’d seen a cheap little place near the station and just wanted to get rid of the mane I had been sporting for a while. I can assure you that the aforementioned mane is no longer in existence as I have had possibly the closest cut I have ever had. The hairdresser presented me with a variety of razor guards to determine how long my hair would be when he turned the cutting implements on me. Being a 2 or thereabouts in England, that was the one I chose. Stupid Mitchi-sensei. 2 here obviously means it leaves 2mm of hair as it goes. 2mm. Stopping the man mid-buzz, I was horrified to see skin. Head skin. My head skin. I was bald in one spot. Unfortunately, without looking like a complete asshole, I had to allow him to continue his scalping and to make it look as acceptable as possible. Consequently, it now looks as though I’ve had a buzzcut, therefore making me look like a marine. Being in Iwakuni and being white means people regard you as a marine anyway, but as I was walking along the street, two actual marines walked past and the look they gave me said “Why don’t we recognise you? You’re obviously one of us”. Even the marines think I’m one of them. The worst thing is, as I’m obviously not a marine, it means I now look like I’m trying to resemble one.

Other than that, not much is happening. The school year is winding to an end and the teachers are just looking forward to finishing with the awful textbook, New Horizon. Then, come the end of the month, I’m off to Malaysia. I’m hoping to get a suit made for me whilst I’m there and other than that, I’m just going to have a relaxing 10 days of seeing Kuala Lumpur and catching up with Hiza, with whom I lived for the first two years of university.

Anyway, will sign off now and continue with my West Wing marathon.

Till next time!

Mitch the Marine



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