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Low Flying, Adored February 26, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General.

My kids laugh at my crotch.

The suit trousers that I wear to Junior High aren’t the best I’ve ever owned and for some reason the piece of cloth that is supposed to cover the fly, doesn’t. Therefore, the zip is visible.  When I first saw this, I thought nothing of it. At least the zipper works, right?

Wrong. To the great amusement of my 2nd grade classes, they constantly enjoy pointing out the fact that they can see my fly. It gets a little grating, especially as every time one of them points to my groin area and says something, I can’t help but look, just to make sure that it hasn’t come open, thus indecently exposing me to a group of 13 year olds. Last time that happened, trouble ensued…

Now, I’m sure that a lesser man would feel inadequate by the constant mirth invoked by that area of his anatomy, but to be honest, it just annoys me. They have enough to take the piss about what with me having ballooned in weight since I got here, without adding insult to injury.

However, let’s move on from the subject…

I’m almost back at the ESIDL, starting the last three of my seven days there this month. I’m also waiting with bated breath for my schedule for March which has still not been given to me. If I don’t get it by the end of the day, I’ll take it to mean I have no school for the month. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve asked for it and still it has failed to materialise.

My flights to both Kuala Lumpur and Seoul have now been paid for and after this coming weekend, I’ll be living the life of a hermit, saving up vast quantities of dough to blow in the two weeks or so that I’ll be on holiday. I may have also scheduled a little trip to Tokyo just after then, but it may collide with a camping trip that is being arranged.

But right now I’m sitting in my staff room drawing a map of a fictitious town. As the resident foreign weirdo, I’m subject to a lot of tests. English tests, that is. Before the kids have to sit them, I’m the guinea pig and must answer all the questions that are in English (not understanding a word of Japanese). I’m also consulted about the content of the test, the phrasing of questions and, apparently, the drawing of maps.

Yesterday I was marking some 3rd grade work. Some of them were really, unintentionally, funny:

“Look this pen. It gold. This pen gave me my mother.”
“I once loved Ken. But not anymore. I love Shun. He’s beautiful.”

One girl who, by all accounts, isn’t good at English because she never says anything at school scored a whopping 95/100, shattering the myth that she’s thick as shit. I was quite pleased in this discovery and her confidence has been improved greatly. In fact, in the lesson I had with her today, she did say something, thus proving everyone wrong.  One of my teachers told me that her getting that mark may have changed her life. You know what? It might just have…

Till next time!



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