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Dude! What Is It? January 20, 2008

Posted by Mitch in General, Random.

Where did the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was bitching about having to clean, and here we are, over a week since then!

The last two days of the week just ended were spent at The Elementary School I Don’t Like. However, I had possibly the best two days I’ve ever had there. My lessons went to plan, the kids understood it and seemed to retain it and I left feeling happy. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen often on days I’m at the ESIDL.

I also now have a cold. And it’s not a nice one. Not that many people would class any cold as a “nice” one, per se, but it’s not the lightest one I’ve ever had. Damn the Japanese and their insistence on keeping windows open, despite the almost sub-degree temperatures outside. I’ve heard rumour that it’s something about toughening the kids up. See what sort of a country I’m living in?

I also found out at the beginning of the week, that a guy I met at the Tokyo Orientation (almost 6 months ago now!), quit JET and has moved back to England. It was weird finding it out because, even though I’ve not been in that much contact with him since we parted ways in August, I felt kind of upset that one of the group of guys I was hanging around with had fallen by the wayside. That said, it also made me happy that I decided to continue, even though I didn’t feel all that happy with the situation when I first started here. I’ve had dips and peaks in my mood since then, but so has everyone. Some days you wake up and are really thankful that you are here, making the most of the mountains, the clarity of the days, the sheer weirdness of ‘being in Japan’. And then other days, you take advantage of the mountains, resent every day you have to spend here until it’s time to go home and hate ‘being in Japan’, where it’s apparently OK for someone to stop in the street and stare at you just because you don’t look like them.

But, at the end of the day, as low as I may feel, I know that the next 6 months are going to whizz by, just as the first ones did and sooner than expected, I’ll be packing up my things to leave Japan and will be sad. I know that it’ll be sad to leave my apartment (which, as far as I can tell, no longer smells as bad as it did when I got here), sad to leave my friends here, sad to leave the schools that I’ve so moaned about visiting. And then I’ll be back in England, searching desperately to get a job that pays a decent wage, an apartment that won’t take all of that wage, and a new life, pretty much.

On the subject of apartments, I was talking about the situation yesterday. When I get back to England and eventually find my own place, it’s not going to be ‘my own place’, because inevitably I’ll have to go back into shared accommodation. Can I do it? Having lived a year alone, will it be too much of a shock to the system to live in everyone else’s mess? I suppose only time will tell.

I also noticed (you’ve probably recognised that this entry is just a random stream of consciousness, so forgive the lack of structure) that the number of visits to my blog has steadily decreased over the months. It seems people are losing interest in how I’m faring in a foreign world, content to banish me to the back of their minds, resurrecting my memory over occasional beers with Uni friends. Here are the statistics of visits to my blog:

  • June 2007 – 103
  • July 2007 – 83
  • August 2007 – 405
  • September 2007 – 260
  • October 2007 – 249
  • November 2007 – 256
  • December 2007 – 179
  • January 2008 – 75

Now I realise January isn’t over yet, and a lot of the visits depend on how frequent the posts were, but it’s a little sad to physically see people’s interest waning. That said, I don’t know why I’m complaining to you, because, as you’re reading this, you’ve already logged a visit to the page, thus making me a little happier.

Anyway – I apologise for a non entity of a post, but not that much has really happened here. Since I got back from Vietnam, I’ve made no plans for travelling around and so have nothing really to report. But I promise, stick with me and it’ll be grand…I hope!

Till next time!



1. Naomi - January 21, 2008

I’m reading! Your blog is fab :-).

Apologies for being rubbish and not getting back to you yet – I’ve got a professional exam tomorrow so am slightly panicking about that, but promise I will be in contact!

Lots of love xx

2. Robot Dancers - January 23, 2008

I linked to you blog from Dad Gone Mad and I have to say I throughly enjoy your blog. I had a friend who went to Japan a couple of times and he really enjoyed it. It makes me want to go to Japan as does this blog. Just to experience it.

3. Steve, Caol and Katie - January 24, 2008

Keep blogging – we are still reading !

4. Gareth Coffey - February 11, 2008

Still reading Mitch!

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