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Have Yourself A Merry Little クリスマス December 19, 2007

Posted by Mitch in Random.

Twas the night before Mitch left, when all through the town,
Not a person was upset, no face had a frown
The clothes in the suitcase were packed up with care
In the hopes that the time to leave soon would be there
The children were freezing in their classrooms so bare
While the staffroom was heated, it didn’t seem fair
And Julie in her scarf and I in my chair
Will soon say goodbye and bid farwell with a stare
When down in a classroom there arose such a row
I sprang from my seat and thought “I want to leave now!
Away to Vietnam I’ll fly like a flash
I’d love to stay and do nothing, but I really must dash!”
Out over Kuga I gaze with a smile
I like this place, but I need to leave for a while
I’ll climb on a sleigh, with a driver so quick
Screw ANA pilots, I’m off with St. Nick
With his selection of fauna, I’m sure I’ll be game
As he saddles them up and calls them by name:
“Now Kyoko! Now Yūma! Now Risa and Daiki!
On Bertram! On Phyllis! On Mary and Mikey!”
Force their way through the town; they don’t give a damn
“Move out of my way, for I’m off to ‘Nam!”
We fly over cities and factories so vast
Over ocean below us, we’re moving so fast
I wave goodbye to a country so dear
“I’m off to climb mountains, I’ll see you next year!”
For Christmas this year, up a mountain I’ll be
Will I survive it? Well just wait and see.
Then off to Tokyo, a metropolis so great
I’ll be there to see in the first major date
The first of the first, I’ll celebrate in style
To find somewhere to stay, I’ll use all of my guile.
Be it hotel or motel, ryokan or cafe
I don’t really care – I need somewhere to stay.
Then get in a car and away we will drive
To Kyoto then home; I hope we arrive
’08 will be spent under the red rising sun
For experiences new, scary, upsetting and fun.
So prick up your ears and give heed to my rhyme
For tomorrow’s the day; gosh, it’s almost the time.
But you’ll hear me exclaim as I fly out of here:
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good year!”



1. Naomi - December 20, 2007

You clever clever man! Miss you loads xxx

2. dad - December 20, 2007

happy christmas, see you next year

3. Wendy - December 22, 2007

What a lovely rhyme! It was very poetic and apt for the season.


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