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You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want (When No-One Listens) October 18, 2007

Posted by Mitch in General.

Well, cheers guys. A paltry four comments on my last blog where I asked you just to show yourselves. I know some of you have already commented on previous blogs, but I know for a fact that there are more people reading this blog than that. I won’t dwell on it, but let’s just say that there’s a reason that I’ve not written for a while…

Anyway – chastising over. Last weekend saw the Sake Matsuri in Hiroshima. Matsuri is the Japanese word for ‘festival’. Not that it’s got to the point where I have to insert random Japanese words into conversations, I just thought I’d try to educate you all a little. The festival took over a park in a town called Saijo on the outskirts of the main city and every region of Japan was represented. You were presented with a small, china sake cup and given free reign over the park. Copious amounts of sake had been stocked into this one area and the gates opened at 10am. Needless to say; by the time we got there at about 2pm, there was a plethora of passed out Japanese people who just couldn’t stand their booze. To give us our dues, we stayed till pretty much the end, hardly ever stopping drinking unless it was to queue up to use the loos. This has got to be a first as well: the line for the guy’s toilet was longer than that for the women’s.

We then got back into Hiroshima where I promptly broke the ticket machine at the train station. After the debacle had subsided and I’d extracted all of myself from the mangled remains of the once hi-tech barrier, we trekked to The Shack, where service was slow and I can’t remember the quality of the food. Having sobered up by the end of the meal, I retired back to our hotel, where I had a fitful night’s sleep; not least because I was woken up by James at 4am who was stumbling around in a drunken stupor looking for something to sit on (despite the obvious presence of a chair and, not least, a big double bed).

The next day, after everyone left, I stayed around town with Katie and we went shopping. I managed to find a water filter, having looked for a while for one (the water in my apartment gives me a headache when I drink it). Then we went on a search for white underwear. I’ve come to the conclusion that men in Japan do not wear white underwear. We even tried Zara and they didn’t sell it at all. Even a huge department store was left wanting. I left, water filter in hand, but otherwise empty.

This week I’ve been jumping about all over the place, in terms of work. Whether it’s been one of my elementary schools or my Junior High School, it seems there isn’t a moment’s peace this week. To be honest, I quite like not spending an entire week at one school – it mixes things up a bit.

This Saturday, I’m actually staying in Iwakuni. This has got to be the first time in a while. But Brooke and I are going to a really nice sushi restaurant and then to some kind of language exchange meeting. I’m not really sure what goes on there, but all I’m hoping is it’s not some kind of Rosemary’s Baby-type cult thing. Then we’ll go to the Tex-Mex restaurant that we all love, chat with some marines and retire back out to the inaka (that’s Japanese for “out in the sticks”. As an interesting aside (interesting to me), in German it’s “wo sich Fuchs und Hase ‘Gute Nacht’ sagen”. This blog is so educational, I should start charging…)

On Sunday we’re going to pop into Hiroshima (I love that it’s so close that we can do that). My teacher researched the bus into town and so we’re going to try that, rather than keep using the train where we have to change. This one, we can just sit on until it takes us to where we want to be. We’ll be shopping in the myriad second-hand clothes stores for our costumes. Yes, the second weekend in November heralds my second party of the year. The theme? Come dressed as the social parasite we all love to hate: the Chav. We’re having to educate the Americans on the subtle differences between Chavs and White Trash, but most of them are quite quick and so there shouldn’t be too much of a mix up.

Oh – before I forget, I’ll let you all into my Christmas plans, because they’re a little bit exciting. On 21st December, I will be flying from Fukuoka airport to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once there, I’ll be meeting with Phoebe and Louise and we’ll join a tour and climb a mountain. Now, as my mum so rightly noted, mountains and me don’t mix. But who can say that they woke up on Christmas morning, halfway up a Vietnamese mountain, looking out over Laos and China? I figure I’m probably never going to get this chance again and so might as well grab it with both hands.

Following my descent back down from the dizzy heights of Mount Fansipan (I kid you not; that’s what it’s called), I’ll be bumming around Vietnam until 29th December, when I get a flight to Tokyo, arriving on 30th, when I’ll meet Richy. We’ll spend New Year’s in the capital and then drive back to Kuga (I anticipate about a 10 hour drive), taking in a lot of the country as we go. He’ll stay for a couple of days down my neck of the woods and then get the bullet train back to Tokyo for his flight out. It all sounds very fun and go-go-go. Not too much time for relaxing, but what the hell?

Anyway – I hope this blog has relieved the tension you’ve all been feeling, waiting in painful anticipation for the next instalment of my life. I’ll promise not to leave it so long again, if you all promise to comment once in a while!

Till next time, y’all!



1. Aimee - October 21, 2007

My reading of your blog has been sporadic to say the least, but just letting you know I’m here, occasionally!!
Christmas plans sounds great by the way!!

2. Alex - October 24, 2007

Two things:

1) I’m not lurking, but I do find myself not reading your blog for weeks, and then having to trawl through several entries by which time I’m too tired to bother writing; and

2) I read somewhere that your blog titles are songs from musicals – is this one Avenue Q?

3. Steve, Carol and Katie - October 25, 2007

Keep on blogging Mitch, we are all enjoying the read. Sounds like it is hard work but you are enjoying yourself as well. Carol is glad the stories of the creatures in your apartment have stopped, she had her feet up on the sofa just reading about them.

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