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Just Don’t Pay September 30, 2007

Posted by Mitch in General.

Well, it seems like it’s been a bit quiet on here for a while. It’s partly because I’ve had complaints that I write too much and it takes people some time to catch up with what has been going on. It’s also because I couldn’t think of what to write.

Last weekend was another long weekend because of another public holiday. However, I am in no way complaining. I went to Hiroshima. I partied with Marines. They bought all the drinks. I’ve got say, Hiroshima is very surreal. I’ve read about it in history books and have seen photos and know the awful things that the bomb caused. Being in a thriving metropolis and trying to imagine that not even 70 years ago, it was entirely flattened in the blink of an eye. However, I found that the Peace Museum seemed to gloss over Japan’s involvement in the initiation of war. OK, it’s a museum about the atrocity of nuclear weapons, but it almost seemed (to me) that they presented the situation as though they had done nothing to deserve an attack of any kind. I suppose it’s quite a controversial point, but I walked away with mixed feelings regarding the exhibition.

Thursday heralded the culmination of my helping some students prepare for a speech contest. Unfortunately, neither received any prizes, but we all had a good day and it ended with ice cream, which can’t be bad.

This weekend was my first party. Having burnt a significant amount of incense in my hallway, there wasn’t much of a smell at all and I was ready to receive guests on Friday evening. A small bunch of troopers turned up and we played drinking games, imbibed a healthy amount of alcohol and had a good time, including numerous games of Twister. On Saturday morning we all woke up a little worse for wear and made our way into Iwakuni. Having breakfast/lunch and then dossing about town for the rest of the day, we met up with lots of other people who were intending on coming to mine for the second night of partying. Let’s just say: when I throw a party, I throw a party. We got back to Kuga and waited for the hordes to turn up. And turn up in force, they did. More drinking games followed, even more alcohol was consumed (perhaps even more than was healthy, but hey! We live in the sticks – what else are we supposed to do?) and more games of Twister were played. Somehow, all 14 or 15 people managed to sleep in my apartment, just going to prove how big it actually is. They may not have been brilliantly comfortable, but it was somewhere to sleep!

So I’ve been a little busy on the ‘having fun’ side of things. But seeing as I have no real interest in the teaching side of my job, the socialising is the thing I’m here for. Next weekend I’m nipping back to Hiroshima to get a haircut and show some friends around. OK, I’ve only been there once, but they’ve never been, so I’ve got a bit of a headstart. And the weekend after is the Sake Festival. In Hiroshima. So basically, the city is going to be seeing a lot of me.

Right, will sign off – it’s been a bit of a short one, but following my rather hectic weekend of almost non-stop drinking, I can’t be thinking of anything funny to lighten all your days with. Sorry!

Till next time

P.S. I found possibly the funniest misuse of English ever:

(on a wrapper for a crepe) Please enjoy nice and smooth teste



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