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Oh, What A Circus! August 27, 2007

Posted by Mitch in General, Life in Japan, Travel.

Well, I’ve had my first proper weekend away. After another Orientation (how many they think we need remains to be seen, but to be honest, they’re quite fun, just in the fact that I get to meet up with everyone else who is in Yamaguchi), a few of us travelled on to Hagi, which is on the north-eastern coast(ish) of the Prefecture. What made it really nice was some second and third years even turned out to take us out for an unforgettable night out. Well, not that unforgettable, seeing as certain sections of the evening allude me. However, a fun time was had by all, copious amounts of alcohol were consumed and in general everyone agreed that it had been a really enjoyable time away.

Today, I was taken in to Iwakuni by Wakabayashi-san to meet the Head of Iwakuni Board of Education. I think it was a pretty serious ceremony as the local press was there and they took photos and interviewed me. It was just before this that he ‘had a quiet word’ with me. Basically, on Friday I was supposed to get a car back to Kuga. However, seeing as I was already halfway to my final destination, I thought it made more sense to travel on from Orientation. The Board of Education, apparently, don’t view it like that. I was told that it was part of my job to attend the training sessions in Yamaguchi City (er, yeah, I know!) and that the lift back home is part of working. So they think I skived off to go away for a jolly, just because I didn’t ‘allow’ them to drive me home. Very strange and frustrating, but I just nodded, apologised and said it would never happen again.

Afterwards, he dropped me at Kuga Chugakko and I was taken on a tour of the school by the English teachers. They then drove me to buy lunch and we came back to eat it in the traditional Japanese room for the staff’s use. We were all sat around, watching the torrential rain pound down on Kuga and the surrounding mountains. Then, out of nowhere, we all watched as a bolt of lightning struck the telegraph pole outside of the school. This promptly exploded a couple of times and eventually burst into flames that were quickly doused by the pouring rain. So all the electricity shut off in the school. No computers, no fans, no nothing. So they sent me home, where I now find myself writing about it for your enjoyment. The other teachers that were with me were all female and the screams that issued forth when they heard lightning are only comparable to those noises made by dying animals. Dying animals in lots of pain. Compare this to one of my English teachers who wielded a rather large stick when she saw a poisonous centipede walking up the wall and smashed the creature’s head in a couple of hundred times. Very strange.

Tomorrow I get to visit another one of my schools, so that should be great – if it’s worth it, there’ll be another entry here detailing my Tuesday.

Till next time!



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