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All I Want Is A Lounge Somewhere August 4, 2007

Posted by Mitch in General.

Dear all,

This is only going to be a short entry as I have a plane to catch, but I write this to you from the Executive Lounge at Heathrow Airport. God, it’s not what you know, but who. It turns out a friend of a friend works for Japanese Airlines and booked me into the lounge. Having bought a new fragrance in Duty Free and spent a bit of time with some fellow JETs, I decided to ditch them and go in search of some pampering. Well, it’s not so much pampering as it is just a bit comfortable with free drink. May try to smuggle some onto the plane, but may get chucked off, thus causing the international incident my mother has been so worried about me invoking!

Well anyway – how classy is this? What a good way to start my new life in Japan than kicking back with a Heineken, watching the planes roll by from my air-conditioned paradise. There are also some free nuts that I may have to empty into my bag.

Check in went well even though I was a bit over the limit. Then I bid a tearful farewell to my parents and wondered off into the labyrinthine maze that is Heathrow Customs and Passport Checks. After having removed my shoes, had my bag rifled through and been asked to belch the alphabet (both Roman and Russian) I was finally let through, only to find the wonder that is duty free shopping. I didn’t go too mad, but bought some aftershave after some woman accosted me and sprayed me with numerous fragrances. Needless to say I now smell like some cheap hooker. Well, even more so than I may once have done. Either way, it’s all be pretty plain sailing. I feel a little bad at having left the other people from JET in the Irish bar downstairs, but when am I next going to experience a lounge?

Well, I better sign off. Hope everyone is fine and enjoying their lives, even if they aren’t in the JAL lounge like me…

Till next time!



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